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Welcome to Fisher's Market and Premium Natural Meats. Inside our doors you will find the highest quality and all natural fresh meats and seafood of Grand Junction.

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Cedar River Farms
Ribeyes | New York Strips |T-Bones | Sirloins Tenderloins | London Broils | Tri-Tip | Flank Steaks | Skirt Steaks | Prime Rib Roast | Grass fed Beef from Roan Creek Ranch | Kobe Ground Beef | All Beef Kobe Franks | Rump Roast | Stewmeat | Boneless Chuck Short Ribs | Fresh Ground Beef | Specialty Burgers: Mushroom Swiss, Blue Cheese, BBQ Cheddar, Spinach Feta, Pepperjack Jalapeno, Bacon Cheddar | Beef Short Ribs | All Beef Franks | Calf Liver | Ground Veal | Veal Scaloppini

Kobe Ground & Franks | Strip Steak | Ribeye Filet | Lifter Meat

Other cuts available upon request!

Lamb is supplied by Roan Creek Ranch located in DeBeque, CO when available. Boneless Legs | Lamb Racks | Lamb Loin Chops | Ground Lamb

Natural Buffalo
Buffalo is naturally very lean. Prior to cooking, our Ground Buffalo has only 11g of fat per 4 ounce serving. It’s pure buffalo: we add no carrageenin, oatmeal or beef trim fillers often found in comparable products. Our Natural Buffalo boasts a great steak flavor, thanks to the all-natural, 100% vegetarian diet on which the animals are raised. For most of their lives they enjoy wild-growing range grasses. They are then switched to a healthy diet of natural grains and legumes for 3 to 4 months prior to harvest. At no time are they ever fed animal proteins or byproducts of any kind. This care in feeding provides a superior taste which is not at all "gamy" or "wild." The distinctive (but mild) flavor will be popular with your family!

Ribeyes | Ground Buffalo | Franks Bacon | Cheddar Buffalo Burgers | Ossu Bucco

Niman Ranch
Baby Back Ribs | Spare Ribs | Boneless Pork Loin Roast | Pork Butt Roast \ Country Style Ribs | Bone-in and Boneless Pork Chops | Tenderloins | Diced Pork | Pork Crown Roast | British Bangers | Applewood Smoked Uncured Bacon | Homestead's Smoked Bacon and Freshside | Homestead's Italian, Kolbassi, German, Bratwurst and Apple available in links or chubs | Boneless Butterfly Chops | Stuffed Pork Chops

Boulder Natural

Boulder Natural Free-Range Chicken
is truly natural! Nearly all conventional chicken is allowed to carry USDA "natural" labeling, which simply means that the harvested chicken has been minimally processed and contains no artificial ingredients. The protocols of Boulder Natural Free-Range Chicken, however, go well beyond the limited requirements of these USDA labeling rules. We never allow antibiotics in the feed or water for our naturally-raised chicken. If a Boulder Natural chicken gets sick, it is removed from the flock and treated separately, but it is not allowed back into our production. Additionally, our chickens are never given any growth stimulants, added hormones, or steroids of any kind (per federal regulations). Boulder Natural Meats sets a new safety standard for 100% Pure Chicken, by utilizing our revolutionary Air-Chilling technology. This advanced technological process greatly reduces the potential for bacterial contamination by keeping each chicken completely separated during the Air-Chilling process. This process insures a safe, nutritional, moist and tender chicken.

Whole Fryers | Whole Legs Bone-In and Boneless Breasts | Chicken Fire Balls | Stuffed Chicken Breasts | Marinated Breasts | | Chicken Kabob's | Chicken Sausage

Gourmet salamis from Creminelli, Olli, & Metro Deli

Specialty Cheese:
Silly Billy | Maytag Blue | Iberico | Red Fox Cheddar | Tartuto | Old Rotterdam

Fresh Seafood (Seattle Fish: delivered 3 times a week) available at Fisher's Market. All of our seafood is delivered fresh 3 times per week from Seattle Fish. Special orders can be filled with just a days notice.

Maine Lobster Tails | Frog Legs | Crab Legs | Crab Meat | Wild Sea Scallops | Wild King Salmon | Smoked Salmon | Mexican Wild Shrimp | Cooked Shrimp | Saku Tuna | Ahi Tuna (Sushi Grade) | Halibut Sole | Pacific Cod | Catfish | Swordfish | Red Ruby and Steel Head Trout | Mahi Mahi | Tilapia | Escolar | Walleye | Red Snapper | Ocean Perch | Grouper | Little Neck Clams | Black and Green Mussels | Squid | Crawfish | Blue Marlin

Organic Produce available at Fisher's Market when available. USDA Organic produce is produced without using most conventional pesticides, fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge, bioengineering, or ionizing radiation. When ever possible we offer local produce from around the valley.

Local produce available from Pear Blossom Farms, Field to Fork, and Juniper Ridge Community School.

Tomatoes | Peaches | Cherries | Zucchinis | Squash | Spring Lettuce Mix | Portabella Mushrooms | Button Mushrooms | Spinach Bell Peppers | Lemons & Limes | Assorted Herb Packages | Green Onions | Broccoli Florets | Baby Carrots

Artisan Sourdough | Stone Ground breads from Salt Lake | Ciabata Baguettes | Hamburger Buns | Hot Dog Buns | Marble Rye | Udi's Gluten free Breads and Muffins | Desserts

Specialty Grocery Items

Authentic Italian Pastas, Sauces, Oil, and Balsamics from Ritrovo.

Gluten Free: Soups | Pastas | Crackers | Cookies | Granolas | Baking Mixes

Holiday orders and specials - meals for every occasion

Meat Bundles - Personalized
Whole hogs | Whole Halves & Quarters of beef


Alligator | Pheasant | Duck | Quail | Rabbit | Rocky Mountain Oysters | Wild Boar

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Rub With Love
Bone Sucking Sauce
The Slabs
Head Country
Spade L



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